First School for Deaf is established by Gallaudet and Clerc
The American School for the Deaf which was originally named the Hartford Asylum for the Education and Instruction of the Deaf was the first public school for the deaf that taught sign language. It was a main instigator of American Sign Language.
1864 * Gallaudet University was established
President Lincoln signed off on an act allowing for the creation of the school which was the first in the world to provide Deaf and Hard of Hearing a higher education opportunity and is the only Deaf liberal arts university in the world. The University is located in Washington D.C. “
1872 * Alexander Graham Bell promotes the oralism schooling
Throughout his life Bell promoted oralism and eugenics, the concept of Deaf people being taught only to lip-read and be taught speech instead of using sign language. He was very strong in the opinion that in order for Deaf people to be socially acceptable they would need to learn to speak. Bell gave many speeches at various conferences supporting the teaching of oralism and even went on to create his own school in Boston that was focused on this form of teaching. In the Deaf community oralism and Bell were often associated as the same thing
1880 * Milano Conference banning use of Sign Language in school
The conference consisted of Deaf educators from around the world that had come to discuss which was better: oralism or sign language. Called the Second International Congress on Education of the Deaf it was held in Milan, Italy and lasted several days long. The final decision was the banning of sign language in the classroom and the enforcement of oralism. The decision had a lasting effect of about 130 years and was devastating to the Deaf community.
1890* National Association of Deaf is founded and fights back for the use of ASL
The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) was created to stand up and promote the civil rights of the Deaf in the U.S.  The organization fights for the use of sign language in the classroom and helps with the planning and organizing of events when dealing with Deaf issues.
1988 * Deaf President Now Movement
The Movement was led by students protesting against the Board of Trustees at Gallaudet University for their choice of a Hearing Person over a highly qualified Deaf person. Held during March at Gallaudet the students, backed by some staff, shut the University down until the Board gave in and a Deaf candidate named Dr. King Jordan was chosen as the 7th president to the school.  Jordan gave the famous quote during the movement that “Deaf people can do anything hearing can, except hear”.
1990 * Americans with Disabilities Act
The act was signed in by President George H. W. Bush. AS a civil rights law. It prohibits any discrimination against an individual based on a disability. It touched on several topics including the workforce, government services, and communication systems.
2012 *  21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act
The act signed by President Barrack Obama made it mandatory that all televised content, whether on T.V. or the internet, must be captioned. This act was made to ensure that as the world progressed into a more internet and digital world that people with disabilities would not be left behind and were still equal to the hearing world.