Have fun practicing your sign language with friends! Below are games for small to large groups.

  • Fingerspelling Chain

Have a group sit in a circle, a category ( such as clothing, plants, or flavors of ice cream) will be chosen. Going around the circle each person will fingerspell out a different word based on the theme. The trick is that each new word must start with the last letter of the previous word.

  • The Handshape Game

Split a group into two groups of even size, each team will then choose a different specific handshape. Each team will then have five or ten minutes to come up with as many signs as they can that use the specific handshape they chose. The team that comes up with the most signs wins.

  • Fingerspelling Telephone

A group of people any size line up all facing forward, the person in the very back will tap the person in front of them and fingerspell a word. This person will then fingerspell the word to the person in front of them and will continue on until it reaches the very front of the line. The last person to be fingerspelled to will then have to sign the fingerspelled word.

  • Signing Concentration Game

Played between two people, a category will be chosen( such as fruits, veggies, animals, etc.) and the two will go back and forth signing different words that fit in the category. Between each sign both players will clap their hands on their legs twice. The signing will go back and forth between the players until one pauses, messes up a sign, or repeats a sign.

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